British Embassy supports Roma community programme

On 11 June the British Embassy hosted and Deputy Ambassador Theresa Bubbear opened the international press conference on the Hungarian Roma Police Union’s new community programme.
The British Embassy, together with the American and Norwegian Embassies, whose Ambassadors also took part in the event, is one of the sponsors of the initiative. Through the community programme, members of the Roma Police Union will visit poor and disadvantaged areas of Hungary, which are heavily populated by Roma. They will organise after school programmes and local forums in order to teach local residence about the importance of rule of law and the work of the law enforcement. Furthermore they will aim to recruit young Roma to the police force, thereby diversifying the Hungarian police.
The British Embassy long has been an active supporter of the noble work of the Roma Police Union, which is also in close contact with the British National Black Police Association. In 2010 even His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, while visiting Hungary, met with members and complemented on the activities of the organisation.

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